This New Company Wants to Help You Avoid a Common Mortgage Mistake

We’ve teamed up with Kala from Habito to help get you on the road to a mortgage the pain-free way. Let her insider knowledge guide you through the most common pitfalls.. Avoid these 4 common mortgage mistakes with tips from our expert. But making this mistake can leave you out of pocket.

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These expenses can be particularly difficult to control for first-time home buyers, who may be naive to the process. However, by educating yourself, you can avoid common mistakes and potentially save yourself a great deal of money. First-Time Home Buying Mistakes Financial Mistakes

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Our guide to the mortgage mistakes you should avoid will turn you into a savvy borrower so that owning your home will be a joy, not a burden, and will help you achieve long-term financial security. By Amy Fontinelle contributing editor October 14, 2014

 · The stress of making such a major purchase and, dare I say, negotiating, can tire people out so much, they’re ready to say yes to anything at the dealership in order to get their new car and get out. Knowing the common mistakes people make can help you avoid them – the mistakes, not necessarily the salespeople. So here are the major ones.

Assuming you won't get approved for a mortgage. like federal housing authority loans, which are meant to help out low-income and first-time.

You will not have any money to save for retirement, replace your old car, build a college fund for your kids, and even buy furniture for your new home. Not deciding how much monthly income should go to cover housing-related costs is a serious yet common mistake. Ideally, you should spend less than 28% of your income on housing.

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