A quiet title action can be filed pursuant to Chapter 65 Florida Statutes by any person or corporation claiming title to the subject property. All persons or corporations claiming any interest in or claim against the property are joined as parties and all rights and interests of those parties with regard to the property are determined.

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Florida Quiet Title Actions and Mortgage Termination Suits: Why Are Title. ” Foreclosure Fraud Cases: Banks and Mortgage Servicers Have an.. in the State of Florida will have an experienced Florida real estate attorney.

The 2018 Florida Statutes. When the action is based on a conveyance by this state, or any municipality or other political subdivision thereof, of land the title to which it has acquired through a foreclosure or other proceeding for the nonpayment of taxes, the complaint need not deraign title beyond the deed or other instrument or act vesting title.

In the attached florida quiet Title complaint, modeled similarly to a Charles Lincoln California Quiet Titlecomplaint, Kathy Ann Garcia-Lawson (KAGL) stops short of demanding such an action from the judge, and yet she goes way beyond it. She wants the entire mortgage tossed out because of fraud.

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In an expected move by Florida courts, the scheme of filing a quiet title action to eliminate a lender’s claim of a lien through its mortgage has been deemed "meritless". The situation revolves around Fidelity Land Trust and Sunshine State Land Trust, both companies that received deeds from hopeful homeowners that paid the companies to "eliminate" their mortgages.

 · Quiet Title is Possible in Florida Foreclosure Actions Elizabeth Spencer, Appellant, vs. emc mortgage corporation, Appellee.. Spencer defaulted on the Note and Mortgage, and accordingly, the then title holder to the Note accelerated payment of the entire amount due and owing on the Note and Mortgage.". Quiet Title is Possible in Florida.

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