How Brandon Kidwell Creates Double Exposure iPhone Photos

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Brandon Kidwell is an incredibly talented iphone photographer and a creative master of double exposure images. I’m really excited to share this interview, where you’ll discover more about Brandon and how he creates his captivating images with the iPhone.

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He created the images with his iPhone and. photographer brandon kidwell created a series of double exposure portraits that he called ‘Wisdom for my Children’.. photomontage life lessons Cool photos double exposure photography Conceptual Photography Creative Photography Art Photography.

Creating double exposure photo with Superimpose app (iPhone) PHOTO: A female protester, demanding justice for Eric Garner, wears a face mask in Brooklyn, New York, Dec. 4, 2014. REUTERS/Elizabeth Shafiroff.

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Brandon Kidwell is an extremely talented iPhone photographer who focuses on multiple exposure images. Photography isn’t Kidwells day job, he works in Finance at a large mortgage processing corporation in Jacksonville Florida. Art including photography to him is a passion something he does to express himself and release his inner creativeness.

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