Foreign buyers are taking over…but it’s Canadians in Florida Which Mor

Even with a large contingent of Latin American buyers in Florida, Canadians spent the most of any foreign nationals in the state-around $3 billion on 2016, according to the latest statistics from the National Association of Realtors.

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Looks like foreign buyers aren’t the big problem in Canada’s housing market after all Foreign buyers make up a minuscule portion of the market, new research shows, but what they own is more.

More Than Half of Canadians Believe Foreign Buyers Are Driving Up Home Prices and Support a Foreign Buyer Tax, as Most Canadians Cite Affordability a Primary Obstacle to Home Ownership

Foreign home buyers scooped up a record amount of homes in the United States in the last year, despite concerns over a rising dollar and political uncertainty.. property taxes on foreign buyers, after complaints Chinese investors there. second houses to vacation in the United States, usually in Florida.

Foreign buyers might make up a small sliver of Canada’s biggest real estate markets, but homebuyers in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal still believe they are heavily influencing housing activity. A study from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation released Wednesday found that 68 per cent of Vancouver respondents, 48 per cent of Toronto respondents and 42 per cent of Montreal respondents.

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