Felons Can’t Vote in Florida but are Free to Fleece the Public

Millions of convicted felons around the country have been stripped of their democratic rights and are unable to cast a ballot in the 2016 elections. RT America’s Marina Portnaya speaks with one.

Voters in two states went in opposite directions on Election Day regarding the political rights of felons. florida eliminated barriers for former felons to vote, while voters in Lousiana put.

I lost my voice by losing my right to vote. I made a terrible decision one night to drive home after having some drinks with friends. Check out this story on news-press.com: https://www.news-press.com.

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Why Florida's Ex-Felons Should Be Able to Vote | NYT - Opinion As of 2018, Florida is one of four states-the three others are Iowa, Kentucky, and Virginia-where convicted felons do not regain the right to vote, until and unless a state officer or board restores an individual’s voting rights.

Nine states (Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nevada, Tennessee, and Wyoming) allow some, but not all, persons with felony convictions to vote after having completed their sentences. Some have qualifications of this: for example, Delaware does not restore the franchise until five years after release of a person.

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Ending the disenfranchisement of felons gained significant momentum after voters in Florida approved a ballot measure in. “It’s unconscionable that people that have served their time can’t vote,”.

This confused him, because the county had also just sent him his voter identification card. He displays it from his wallet; it shows he registered in April 2011. Bass wants to know if he should vote.

“Voters voted to give felons a second chance, but they didn’t vote to give them a free pass from accountability and. resulting from federal or out-of-state cases can’t be resolved through Florida.

Alabama, Wyoming and Maryland have also begun easing voting restrictions for released felons, while Florida organizers announced Tuesday that they had succeeded in gathering enough signatures for a.

Voting Rights for Ex-Offenders by State (updated 6/10/19) In all but two states, voting-age citizens convicted of a felony are barred from voting for some period of time.Laws vary in each state. While many states restore voting rights to individuals automatically after they exit jail or prison, others continue the bar on voting even while on probation or parole.

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