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Co-signing a mortgage can be a real boon to someone who’s responsible with their finances but, for one reason or another, can’t borrow as much as they need or at the best available rates. Particularly for parents who intend to offer financial assistance anyway, it offers a way to provide significant help to an adult child without tying up any.

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The foreclosure process varies somewhat from state to state, depending on whether your state uses mortgages or deeds of trust for the purchase of real property. A mortgage or deed of trust outlines a transfer of an interest in a property; it is not, in itself, a promise to pay a debt.

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The common faqs real estate agents have about flood zone disclosure requirements to to avoid a real estate lawsuit. The common FAQs real estate agents have about flood zone disclosure requirements to to avoid a real estate lawsuit. Main Menu.. The Top 3 Reasons for E&O Claims Against Real.

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To qualify for a real estate broker’s license, an applicant must have been employed for a minimum of: 24 months under one or more actively licensed brokers. How many hours of post-license education are required to renew a broker’s license?

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Mortgage Contingency Clause in Real Estate Home Purchase Contract. The seller’s acceptance of the loan contingency clause as a condition for the property’s sale depends upon numerous factors including a strong seller’s or buyer’s real estate market, a strong lender’s market, the appraised value of the property, the amount of the loan,